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ABU Secretariat

The ABU Secretariat is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The present staff is 35.
Dr Javad Mottaghi
Chief Executive of the ABU

The Secretariat is headed by the Secretary-General. Dr Javad Mottaghi, who is the chief executive of the ABU, is responsible for all of the Union's activities. He reports to the Administrative Council and the General Assembly.

The Secretary-General's office handles administration, staffing, public and international relations, finance and information systems.

The Secretariat has four other departments: ABU Programming, ABU Technology, ABU Sports and Asiavision, each headed by a director who reports directly to the Secretary-General.

Programme Department
Koichi Okumura
Director ABU Programming

Koichi Okumura joined the ABU in February 2018. He is a Japanese national and started his career with the Japanese public broadcaster NHK in 1991. He has mainly produced science programmes for the last 25 years, with the last one and a half years serving as ABU Liaison Officer of NHK. Mr Okumura holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Tokyo, Japan.
Technical Department
Dr Amal Punchihewa
Director, Technology & Innovation

Dr Amal holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) specializing in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, a Master of Electronics Engineering from Eindhoven, Netherlands, and PhD on evaluation of image and video compression frameworks. He has also completed post-graduate study in business management. He began his professional career in Sri Lanka, with the national broadcaster SLRC, then was senior lecturer in Engineering at the University of Moratuwa and returned to SLRC as Deputy Director General Engineering. In 2002 he joined the Institute of Information Sciences and Technology at Massey University in New Zealand as senior lecturer and researcher.

Sports Department
Yangjiang Cai
Director, ABU Sports Department

Yangjiang was from CCTV where he was Senior Producer of the CCTV sports channel. He graduated from the China Central Academy of Drama with a Masters degree in Film and Television theory. Yangjiang joined the ABU in July 2012.

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